Blue Golden Iris - Original

Blue Golden Iris - Original

Snehita Art
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Blue Golden Iris is an original artwork painted using oil and acrylics. 

In this current series "IRIS ", Snehita captured beautiful colours and pigments present in human eyes - from Green iris which is a very rare eye colour, to blue and brown. The techniques used to create these art works are her own style which combine texture and fluid painting along with some brush strokes to give significant dramatic effect.

Size: 30cm in diameter. 


About the Artist 

Snehita is an Indian Artist & Entrepreneur based in UAE, A Visual content creator and IT Engineer, MBA,  who has always loved Art and Craft..

Snehita uses acrylic and oIl paints, and prefers painting with bright colours and just expressing good vibes on canvas, Peace and happy feelings are the elements she loves to paint and wish to share with the viewers.

Snehita comments, "Painting makes us focus on the minute details of the world around us and I, as an Artist, get inspired with life's colours, hues, highlights, lowlights, shadows and different tones. When I paint, it is my “me time” where I have time to reflect. If I am happy, I choose to paint and if I am restless, I choose to paint. It's a meditation which helps to calm my mind and I relish the prices of being present."