Circle in 1 - Hand Embellished Print

Circle in 1 - Hand Embellished Print

Louise Duggan
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Circle in 1 is a hand embellished framed print on canvas by Louise Duggan. 

Each canvas is a one-off, uniquely finished using acrylic paint, spray paints, ink, silver, gold leaf and copper leaf. To finish. the hand embellished print is showcased in a light oak wooden L shaped frame.

Each order will take 7 days to complete

75cm x 100cm 


About the Artist 

Louise is a professionally trained artist holding a BA (Hons) degree and specializes in mixed media. Having spent her childhood in West & East Africa, her unique style has been heavily influenced by the landscapes, wildlife and lives of the people from across this region.

There's a sense of mysticism and spirituality in Louise's artworks, with her love of abstract art stemming from these images which was later followed by formal study. "The profound effect of African art on modern art. African art is embedded in my DNA, and I often find myself marking a canvas with repetitive shapes or creating a mask-like face when depicting a person. I strive to paint my emotions and ideas and art permits the freedom to communicate, to create a dialogue".

Louise intuitively layers different mediums to create depth to the visual experience and she will incorporate resin, gold/silver leaf and led lights. She has always been fascinated by masks, metaphorically and literally. "We live in a digital world where everyone is curating their perceived life. My voice is often through my art, it allows me a space to be authentic".