Fragile as a Feather by Cristina Grigore

Fragile as a Feather by Cristina Grigore

Touch of Love
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'Fragile as a Feather" by Cristina Grigore. 

Denim Shirt - size M-L

Hand painted on recycled denim fabric on the reverse and pocket as part of the Touch of Love 2022 Collection. 


Touch of Love 2022 

Touch of Love is a CSR project brought about from a collaboration with Zaish and Arte Bazaar. It warmly caresses those that deserve our care and we have come together to spread the love through art & fashion to impact underprivileged women who work in the fashion industry in the developing world.

How are we doing this?

By creating wearable art that is sustainable and handcrafted, with the essence of love at the core of its collection, and featuring breakthrough Middle Eastern Artists in the collection.

By raising funds for underprivileged women to facilitate a fulfilling 2022 and beyond.

By  creating sustainable clothing as our ‘Touch of Love’ for the environment.

By bringing about awareness about ethical working environments and wages for workers in underdeveloped countries


About the Artist 

Cristina Grigore, a self-taught Romanian artist living in U.A.E. Her mediums are oil and acrylic and her work is mostly composed of abstract and seascape paintings.

Her journey started in 2019 and flourished in 2020 during the pandemic.
Cristina likes to experiment with different mediums and styles of painting. Through her work she tries to express the feelings of freedom, acceptance and hope.