Imaan - Original

Imaan - Original

Annika Spirit
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Oil on canvas 

Size: 60cm x 40cm


About the Artist 

Annika Spirit was born in Munich, Germany in 1995 and her artworks have been inspired by her travels to Senegal, India and Kenya. Annika is passionate about Africa and the Orient and after finishing her studies in Graphic Design in 2018, she decided to develop her talents as a full-time artist. 

Her sensational artworks are a hymn to love and respect between different cultures. Annika connects people to spirituality and the beauty of life through her use of vibrant colours and bold patterns. Her artworks are created mainly with oil and acrylic on canvas or wood. 

She has exhibited in solo & group shows in Germany and Italy. Annika has recently moved to UAE to develop her cultural interest in Middle Eastern culture.


2020 Achtzig Galerie: Collective exhibition for contemporary art  in Berlin, Germany | Collective exhibition AMARS curated by Artspace a cura di Eva in Milan, Italy

2021 Intesa San Paolo Invest Palazzo Chigi Zondadari a cura di Alessandro Grazi in Siena, Italy | Collective exhibition a la galleria Vik a cura di Alessandro Riva e Michela in Milan, Italy