Glory - Original

Glory - Original

Nidal Khaddour
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Acrylic on canvas 

50cm x 50cm x 3cm 

Painter Nidal Khaddour uses his brush to create work that highlights beautification in its essence by drawing upon unconventional inspirations, mainly the impact of the socio-political state around him. The paintings see the unification of geometric abstraction with colours reminiscent of Impressionist paintings.

Nidal Khaddour seeks to generate temporal and spacial intellectual worlds in the form of geometry, restoring a legacy that helps shed light on two things - space and emptiness.  The artist is able to play more than one role in order to be able to transform the colour matter into expressions of exceptional abstract aesthetic structure that generates the differences of one element and its divisions across spaces and assemblies that determine the understanding of each recipient of abstraction and metaphorical generation and its representation in expression in form and content. 

About the Artist 

Born in Syria in 1979, Nidal Khaddour's intellectual style integrates mixed media including acrylic and various materials across most of his works.

Nature is normally first present in his paintings and colour is the tool. His astonishing use of colour takes you through gloriously balanced spaces, his use of colour create wonderful harmonies and rhythms.

Nidal explains that ‘Sadness pushes him to create joy". He has the desire to make the world see beauty instead of ugliness.

Nidal is a member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society and has mentored in arts education in UAE and Syria. He was awarded BFA from the College of Fine Arts, Damascus University in 2009.

Nidal exhibits around the region regularly.