Lueur d’espoir  - Original
Lueur d’espoir  - Original
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Lueur d’espoir - Original

Wafa El Hilali
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This artwork depicts the underwater world and expresses that through darkness and uncertainty hope is a sentiment that always remain:

"Lueur d'espoir" from underwater. Guiding light.
It emerges from the darkest spheres. Shining light.
As bright as a lighthouse beneath what is hidden.
So we observe and see through shells. A glimpse of hope."

Mixed media on canvas 60cm x 73cm.  Supplied unframed. 

Signed by the Artist, along with a certificate of authenticity. 

About the Artist 

Wafa El Hilali is a French Moroccan Artist and Master Life Coach who is based in Dubai. When starting scribbling on paper from a young age all she could see were entangled black penciled lines taking unconventional forms but with always the inner conviction that each sketch was hiding an enigma, a hidden formula. From naïve art Wafa naturally shifting to abstract art that represents for her one of the perfect, most faithful, timeless, and unlimited way of expression.

Through her art Wafa attempts to make the invisible visible and lets the brush be an extension of her inner being, her conscious & unconscious mind. She celebrates memories and true feelings of the past, the present and the future allowing the body and mind to speak loud on canvas.

She shares lessons, emotions as well as her observations of existence. Wafa loves telling stories to the world and welcome people into her own, hoping that it all resonates with thousands of hearts and souls and get them closer to the source that holds all the answers.

​Spontaneous movements filled with lights, colours and often accompanied with poetry create a unique universal language and through space emerge the four elements of life, Earth, Water, Air and Fire that constantly transcend and manifest through her creations.

Aside of using acrylic paint, sand, gold leaves and other earthy materials, Wafa considers Water as more than an essential element to produce her artworks. Water gives her work structure, shapes & forms and its unique blueprint, story, and history.

Wafa participated in various exhibitions in the Middle East and overseas. Her artworks can now be found in private and corporate collections.