"NASA Plays Catch-up with UAE to Mars" - Original Painting

"NASA Plays Catch-up with UAE to Mars" - Original Painting

Romina May
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Right after UAE launched its mighty Hope Probe, Mars Rover mission forming part of NASA's Mars Exploration Program also launched from Earth at 11:50 UTC on 30th July 2020. These two historical events occurred during the most challenging year prove that nothing is impossible, and greatness has no limit when we choose to believe and lead by example. My artwork resonates the excitement and joy that I felt as I watch the two giants race to the sky. I believe that one should be freed from the object in order to enter a dynamic world and be able to express inner feelings and emotions.

Size : 90 cm x 90 cm

Material : Acrylic 

About the Artist

With limitless imagination, artist Romina May creates a never-ending journey of dreams, inspired by emotions and messages of hope.

The collection “Where Life Takes Us” brings us to the world of talented Dubai-based Filipino Artist Romina. Her work conveys expressions of emotions, hopes and dreams. Her creative journey blossomed at a young age. She has always been fascinated by images around her and how the world is viewed through the eyes of others. She believes that these perceptions are windows into our very own character. In this light, each of May’s paintings acts as a window into her soul, her feelings and her passion. With amazement, she invites us to relish and visualize a dream-world full of colors where we can sometimes escape when the world gets too dark and uncertain.

 “I believe that being an artist is an innate skill, a talent that is natural and not only learned at school. As a self-taught artist, I have learned through practical experiences, learning through trial and error, and taking inspiration from the past and present-day artists. Though, my door is always open for formal studies and welcomes mentors for further improvement and right direction. In my works, I always try to leave enough room for viewer’s own interpretation. As art imitates life, art has to sway and shift just as rapidly. Enjoy the process and allow it to free you. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. My aim is to touch peoples’ hearts with the emotion and comfort that my work brings.”