Your Space Your Mist
Your Space Your Mist
Your Space Your Mist
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Your Space Your Mist

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Your Space Your Mist

100% plant based, pure essential oils, natural ingredients. A mist for you to use as you please. 100ml

you have the choice of 06no. wonderful scents

01 café blanc

earthy & floral, reminiscent of drinking white coffee in the mountain gardens

essential oils: neroli, petitgrain, cedarwood & patchouli

02 herb garden

fresh & herbaceous, taking you back a summer, being surrounded by lavender fields in Provence, South of France

essential oils: rosemary, oregano, lavender & lemon

03 jungle trekking

tropical & cleansing, oh how we miss those South East Asia holidays, or perhaps a trip to the spa, don’t worry this scent with take you there

essential oils: tea tree, cypress, citriodora, lemongrass & cedarwood

04 forest wanders

fresh & earthy, those calming strolls through the pine forest just after some heavy rain

essential oils: pine needle, clary sage, patchouli & cedarwood

05 together

warming & earthy, it feels like a warm hug, reminding you of those moments you and your close ones shared laughter around a fire at sunset

essential oils: clove, ylang ylang, patchouli & cedarwood

06 bloom

when fresh & floral meet to create something sweet

this scent reminds us of our great grandmas pantry really tapping into the nostalgic memories in our olfactory bulb. how does it make you feel?

essential oils: neroli, lavender, geranium & cedarwood

About Olfaction

Olfaction is all about that moment when you smell something and it makes you feel a certain way. It might trigger a special memory or a nostalgic feeling. Or it might just simply make you feel good.

We appreciate those moments so much we wanted to create it for others by carefully putting together essential oils to create a scent experience that is unique to you. We describe a small smell scenario just to get your creative juices flowing. It could apply to you, maybe you might feel or think of something totally different. That’s the beauty of a scent; it is only between you, the scent & where it takes you.

We pride ourselves in only using natural ingredients, as we really value everything natural & as sustainable as possible.